Red Light Car Accidents

Running red lights is less common than running stop signs. In most places, however, the law permits right turns at red lights after stopping. This means that some negligent drivers will run red lights in the same way that some run stop signs. Moreover, red light accidents often result from drivers who fail to stop before turning right on red.

If you were injured because a driver failed to stop at a red light, you may be entitled to compensation because of the driver's negligence. Our experienced attorneys can advise you about your options.

At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., our attorneys have been helping clients who were injured because of the negligence of others for more than 50 years. We know how to investigate your case and how to determine the impact of your injuries on your life and future.

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Red light accidents affect bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, too

Anyone can be involved in a red light accident — drivers of automobiles and trucks are frequently injured. However, pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists are also vulnerable when cars or semi trucks fail to obey traffic laws. Slower vehicles and pedestrians are often injured when drivers speed up through a yellow light before it turns red. On occasion, drivers jump the gun, starting to move before a red light has turned green.

Although there are many variations of red light accidents, the results are the same: injured pedestrians, passengers and drivers. Whatever the facts, clients rely on our attorneys and investigators to get the evidence needed to make the case.

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