Injuries From Bike Crashes

In 2010, there were 12 fatal bicycle accidents reported in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. This represents a decline over previous years, a trend to be celebrated. However, the number of bicycle injuries increased to 1,502, reflecting an increasing number of bicycles on the roads.

Some causes of bicycle accidents

A certain percentage of these accidents were the result of driver negligence. Drivers who do not keep a proper lookout for bike riders — who do not see bicycles — and who pass them too closely or who open car doors in front of them can result in serious injuries to bicycle riders. Increasingly, drivers involved in car-bike crashes are texting, using their cellphones or adjusting their GPS settings.

Our attorneys have been helping injured clients for over 50 years. Our firm has the experience, knowledge and resources to build strong cases for accident victims, including those injured while riding bicycles. In fact, our lawyers have been fighting to protect cyclists at the legislative level for many years.

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How we can help

Our attorneys rely on the firm's extensive network of experts and specialists to learn about your bicycle accident:

  • We consult safety experts, road designers, bike specialists and developers of bicycle safety equipment.
  • We interview witnesses and collect street-level evidence quickly, before it can be washed away. This allows us to pinpoint exactly when and where the negligence that resulted in your accident occurred.
  • We also consult with medical experts and life care planners who help us determine the effect of the accident on your life and your future. This allows us to calculate the full extent of your present and future expenses after your bicycle accident.

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