Pedestrians Injured By Cars

More and more people walk as a form of exercise. And in cities like Columbus, people walk to get from A to B — it's a form of transportation. Whatever their reasons for walking, pedestrians can be found everywhere — on city sidewalks, in parking lots, on the edges of country roads and in parks. Drivers of motor vehicles are responsible for looking out for pedestrians and following the rules of the road that are designed to prevent accidents.

At the Columbus law firm of Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., our attorneys have over 50 years of experience helping those injured by the negligence and misconduct of others. We are responsive, knowledgeable and ready to take your call 365/24/7.

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Building a strong case on your behalf

Our attorneys consult with a wide range of experts and specialists to investigate and develop cases. We work with doctors and other medical providers to learn the extent of the injuries and their effect on a client's long-term future. We question witnesses and investigate the record of the driver. We work with accident reconstructionists who allow our attorneys — and juries — to fully understand how the accident unfolded. We do all these things and much more in pursuit of the compensation our clients need and deserve.

Examples of pedestrian accidents

At Elk & Elk, we handle all types of pedestrian accidents:

  • Crosswalk and intersection accidents
  • Accidents caused by cars that fail to stop at red lights or stop signs
  • DUI/DWI accidents caused by drunk drivers

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