Wrongful Death In Nursing Homes

Losing an elderly or ill loved one is bad enough. However, if that person died because of abuse, neglect or mistreatment in a nursing home, you may have no idea what to do.

People may tell you that you shouldn't worry about it, because the person was old or sick. Some people may even call a premature death a good thing or a release from suffering. However, that is really not the issue. The issue is that your loved one received substandard care that led to his or her death. Period.

You have options after a wrongful nursing home death

What can you do about it? Your loved one is gone. However, if you believe that you have an obligation to prevent this from happening to others, you should take legal action.

At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., we share your belief that the frail, elderly or ill deserve care that meets accepted standards and that is required by Ohio nursing home licensing laws. However old, ill or difficult your loved may have been, the people operating the nursing home were obligated to provide proper care. To do otherwise is a violation of the law and a type of negligence that is actionable.

If a loved one died in a nursing home or other facility because of inadequate or negligent care, take action. Call Elk & Elk Co., Ltd. Learn how you can seek justice for your loved one and help prevent substandard care from affecting others.

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Examples of nursing home and elder care fatal injuries

Our attorneys handle a wide range of nursing home death cases, including those arising from:

Our law firm has extensive resources that allow us to build an effective and compassionate picture of the harm done to your loved one. We employ the latest courtroom technology to tell the story with compassion and consult with experts and specialists in elder care to learn precisely how the accepted standard of care was violated and resulted in your loved one's death.

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