Aviation Accidents

It seems as though only the worst airplane catastrophes get much attention. But ask any Columbus plane crash lawyer — accidents happen and people are injured traveling by air far more often than we likely realize.

Taking on the big insurance companies

Aviation accidents don't have to involve high-speed crashes, watery landings or midair explosions. Bumpy landings, in-flight mistakes — a virtual landscape of injury-causing incidents — are waiting to happen any time we board airplanes.

And airlines, couriers and midsized transport firms know this. They have high-priced defense attorneys and pay big money to their insurance companies to protect their interests when people are injured on or around their planes.

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Handling the most complex flight injuries

Elk & Elk has the resources, motivation and experience to represent victims of even the most complex flight-related accidents. If you or someone you care about has been injured in an air travel-related incident, don't trust just any lawyer.

Our simple, contingency-fee arrangement allows us to represent aviation accident victims with every resource we have available at no upfront cost. What's more, if we do not have a successful outcome for you, you won't owe us a nickel.

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